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Bulkhead painted and ready for signage to be added   Under construction.  Downlighting still to be added.


We won't be surprised if our exciting new application for polystyrene starts a shop-fitting revolution in South Africa!   Polystyrene bulkheads are attractive and lightweight, and they go up in a fraction of the time of  bulkheads constructed from conventional materials at less cost.  In fact, now that we've pioneered this new use for polystyrene, we're amazed that such a great idea took us so long to come up with!  Perfect for carrying advertising and signage, or as a way of hiding unsightly architectural intrusions into commercial or domestic space, polystyrene bulkheads also make an attractive feature when used to accentuate and draw attention to selected display and service areas.  Because of our clever slot-together joining system, made-to-measure bulkhead panels can be prepared off-site and then erected on your premises quickly and with very little mess or noise - thus causing minimum  inconvenience or disruption to normal business activities.


Wood beams support the bulkhead and suspended polystyrene ceiling.   Our unique panel joining system allows most fabrication to be done off-site.

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